2021 Planner Goals – A Year of Rebuilding

2021 Planner Goals

2021 Planner Goals: A Year of Rebuilding & a Planner to help you do just that.

2021 Planner Goals
2021 Planner Goals

This year’s Commit30 Goal Planner limited edition cover may be my favorite (I know I say that every year) but this year it is a mosaic pattern that I really feel represents how we are all approaching life right now – picking up the pieces, rebuilding something better, something stronger, something more beautiful; being more connected & present with eyes wide open and getting after our goals and dreams now and not someday. Please note that due to some COVID-19 manufacturing and supply chain issues and delays we received these earlier (yay) but less than usual (boo). On that note, we have less inventory than usual so get your planner while you can.

Early bird specials to help crush your 2021 Planner Goals: 

With your 2021 Commit30 Goal Planner Early Bird purchase you will receive: 

a FREE limited edition vision sticker kit* ($9.98 value)

a FREE pen holder* ($2.00 value) &

our FREE 10 step GOAL-getting guide PDF (priceless). This is the 10-step vision/goals/habits process I teach at in-person workshops!  

*while supplies last or thru July 31st, 2020

In addition, your Commit30 planner comes with a free sticker sample sheet, motivational bookmark, free access to our 30 for 30 challenge & free printable library, monthly group challenges, and access to our private FB goal-getter support group. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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