10 Step Goal-Getting Guide

Want to learn how to set personal & business goals, stay committed and make time for what matters most! Get our exclusive Goal-Getting Guide today. This is the exact formula I use to set my own personal and business goals each year! I use this worksheet/format when I teach in person Goal-Getting Workshops. Get this guide free as part of our Holiday Sale with your Planner, Undated Planner, Daily Planner or Fitness Journal purchase.

Step 1 – Reflection & Review – Reflect on this year – what went well, what didn’t?

Step 2 – Core Values Clarity – What is most important to you?

Step 3 – Create a Vision Board – Tips on how (& why) to make a vision board

Step 4 – Determine Your Top 3 Big Goals for the Year – Get super clear! 

Step 5 – Know the “WHY” Behind Your Goals

Step 6 – Create a Set of Daily Action Steps for each of your Top 3 Goals

Step 7 – Establish Healthy Habits that Support Your Goals

Step 8 – Create Optimal Morning & Evening Routines that Support Your Goals

Step 9 – Make a Plan & Get To Work – Tips on How to Use Your Planner 

Step 10 – Commitment, Motivation, Positive Affirmations, Patience & Celebration!

Get your Goal-Getting Guide today! And if you want MORE of this or even more in-depth goal clarity work, check out our 30-step GOAL Workbook & content here.

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