30 Day Declutter Challenge!

Join us for a 30-day Decluttering Challenge in September! Each day we’ll target a specific area of the house and on the last day of the month give our homes a good shine! Download the challenge here!  Make sure to follow along on my progress and tag your progress on instagram using #commit30challenge Some tips […]

Back to School Tips & Traditions!

Back to School Tips & Traditions!   It’s back to school time! Is it me, or did the summer just FLY by? Lots going on around here including 2019 Product development (see below for sneak peeks of new products & new 2019 Planners coming soon)!  Mid-year/Academic planners are still available (and on sale) if you […]

No Spend Month Tips

  No Spend Month Tips Several times a year, I commit to doing 30 days of no-spending (on non-essentials) – a No Spend Month. This past April, after our month of traveling we completed a 30-day no spending challenge. We decreased our spending a lot during the month, but we definitely had a couple slip […]

30-Day Digital Detox Challenge Report

My intention this month & 30-day Digital Detox Challenge was no social media & to spend less time “connected” overall via text, email, news, notifications, etc. I can’t even tell you how many times I went to pick up my phone for no apparent reason other than to scroll thru my IG feed. But awareness […]