About Us

Like many of you: We are juggling…making a living, making memories, making change, making plans, making grocery lists, making senators listen, making out, making beds, making time for the people we love, making eye contact, making dinner, etc…

We’ve launched more than a dozen businesses, hosted hundreds of special events & we still make the time to commit to our family & our marriage. Yet we still have to remind ourselves to show up every day and work towards ours goals and dreams, today not tomorrow. Because friends, life is short. And it’s way to short to not commit to creating your best life. Our days are spent designing, making, shipping, networking, photographing and of course planning our next adventure!

Our hope is that the Commit30 tools that work for us can help you & your families keep making time for what matters most & to stop wishing and start doing!

Xoxo, Jenny & Will