2017 Day Planner

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Stay on track with your New Year’s goals with Commit30! The Commit30 2017 Day Planner is designed to help you attain your goals and dreams by focusing on 30 Day Challenges. You can do ANYTHING for 30 days! And before you know it those 30 day commitments add up to months and years of attainable goals! Our new 30 day planner is designed to be completely customized for your specific goals, dreams and passions and help you stick to you goals all year long. Small Steps = Big Results.

Dated: Jan ’17 – Dec ’17 – Preview every page of the planner below by clicking on “Planner Preview”

  • SIZE: 5.75″ x 8.125″ x .75″
  • Sticker Pack Sold Separately – Buy Here

Gold will be out of stock until early February

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Commit30 was started to give you the tools and motivation to achieve those goals and dreams that may have been put on the back burner. The Commit30 2017 Day Planner is the first product we are launching for the Commit30 movement. We will be launching a variety of other products and tools over the next several months to help you accomplish your goals and dreams by taking those small steps that lead to big changes, 30 days at a time. It only takes 30 days to change your life!

Weight .99 lbs

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Commit30 2017 Day Planner Highlights

  • 240 awesome planning & goal-setting pages
  • SIZE: 5.75 x 8.125 x .75″ total size (weighs ~ 15 oz). A perfect size for at-your-desk or in a meeting – portable but large enough to write down everything you need to do! When broken in, lays nearly flat too.
  • 2017 Yearly Goals & Vision Setting Pages
  • 2017 & 2018 Calendar Overview Section
  • Monthly Dated Calendars Jan – Dec. 2017 with mini 2018 monthly planning section for looking ahead
  • Commit30 30-day Challenge Tracking Section Each Month
  • Weekly Calendar Layout – 7 days a week plus “Life & Work to do list” sections. Weekly layout has space for meetings, tasks, meal planning, errands, calls to make, exercise tracking & more – totally customizable based upon users needs. See images below for examples of weekly layout.
  • Highlighted monthly corners for quickly flipping thru to find the month you need
  • Motivational quotes each month
  • Project Planning, Notes & Sketching Section at bottom of each weekly layout & in each month section.
  • Blank Notes section each month and at the end of planner – take notes in meetings; jot ideas (40 blank pages)
  • Made with a PU faux leather durable cover (no animals were harmed in the making of this planner) with environmentally friendly materials (FSC certified paper stock)
  • Included Accessories – Page marking ribbon, elastic enclosure band (also doubles as a pen holder) & back pocket!
  • Printed on super smooth high quality, ink proof paper (100gsm) thick paper – about twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper to limit ink bleeding from fountain pens & permanent markers.
  • SIZE: ~ 5.75″ x 8.125” x .75″  – vertical orientation. A perfect size for at-your-desk or in a meeting – portable but large enough to write down everything you need to do! Weighs ~14oz.


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best planner ever!

5 5 1
The 2017 planner has everything you need to keep track of busy schedules and it is the perfect size to go everywhere. Writing down goals each week makes it very hard to ignore them and keeps me more committed!! It's also nice to have a record of days and weeks to refer back to, and it's rewarding to see the progress towards goals.

Life Changing

5 5 1
I love planners and I have used many. But THIS planner GETS ME. I could either go about my day or design it according to the life I dreamed of living. Commit30 challenges me to set goals and take action toward them. It keeps me organized, sure, but it keeps me focused on those small things that will get me to the big things too. Thank you for bringing a product to the world that puts me in control. I am living a great story, not just talking about it!

I Love it!

5 5 1
I am lost without my planner now. It has helped me meet goals and keeps me organized. Every month I have a new quote or reminder of how amazing I can be. This planner is everything to me! I have used several different planners in the past and now that I found this amazing little thing, I could never use another. Purchasing several as stocking stuffers for family and friends!


5 5 1
I'm a planner junkie, and have been waiting for this type of planner for years! I love that I can prioritize, set goals, create an action plan and create accountability all in one place. I would and do recommend this planner to all of my clients and friends. Thank you for creating such a life-changing product! Xoxo, Leslie N. Smith

Love * Love * Love

5 5 1
I've always struggled with taking my visions into reality because I focused so much on the outcome. This planner really helped me make that shift to focusing on my daily habits and the process of achieving my goals that bring me to my vision.. Boom, I love it! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Plus, I love the look, the design, the inspiration. Plus Jenny is pretty awesome and inspiring.! xoxo

Love this planner!

5 5 1
The COMMIT30 planner totally helps me stay focused on my goals and has plenty of room fro me to jot notes and make lists of what I want to get done every day/week. It's awesome to go back and see what I've accomplished in previous months, too, with the monthly goals I've set. This is a fabulous planner if you want one that will INSPIRE you and help you stay committed and on track with your goals (and who doesn't want that?!). And size wise, it's not too big or bulky and fits perfectly into my purse or my bag so I can easily bring it with me where ever I go. Love it!