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Close All of the Tabs

One of the most important things you can do for your overall health, wellness & sanity is unsubscribe, unfollow, unfriend un-listen, remove & close out all of the tabs. I noticed one day that I had like 40 tabs open on my internet browser, was listening to a podcast in the background, had a desk […]


i love lists…

    Some things I wanted to share that I’ve loved on the internet lately… I’ve been really trying to spend less time online (instagram scrolling, blog reading this summer…) It’s just flying by and I want to savor these summer days. Loving the hell out of other people. Yes. And Yes.  Morning Self-Care Rituals […]

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loving lately….

A girl I went to HS with committing to her goals & living the Commit30 mantra.  12 Habits of the Most Productive People  3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Write Everyday A good theme song for just starting & not giving up! Aaahh…Middle School. Declutter Your Office. Track how much you are on your phone with this […]

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Never Miss A Monday…

Let’s try looking at Mondays differently. It’s not the start of a long week.  It’s not the worst day of the week. Monday is the most important day of the week, so do it right: Plan out your meals for Monday on Sunday night. Where, when, and what will you eat?  Can you prepare any of that the […]

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30 day Challenges

  The Wall Street Journal reported on a 2010 UK study that showed that people who went on 30-day challenges were more likely to stick with it for the entire 30 days and to keep up the changes after the 30 days than people who just decided to start a diet or make a lifestyle […]


Live a great story…

One of my favorite sayings is “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived & enjoyed.” As you are well aware I’m a big goal-setter, task master & planner. BUT, I have gotten a lot better at embracing the spontaneous and adventurous realm (it helps that I’m married to a […]


How to start your day off right…

I like to start off my day with at least 10 minutes of meditation or prayer & some gentle yoga; a large glass of water with lemon & my green sludge (aka miracle powder) & some apple cider vinegar concoction (yuck); a nutritious protein packed breakfast (almost always eggs) with a large cup of coffee; […]


Just Start…

Just start. There is power in making a choice to begin.You don’t need anything to get going. You don’t need more $ or more time or more energy. You just need to start. And that’s the key. The starting. So work with what you’ve got. Set up an etsy shop or register a domain name. […]